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Presentation RFC
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▼Constitution |

The club's constitution is a single document containing 23 rules under the following sections;

General, Committee, Terms of Reference, Membership, Special Emergency Meeting, Annual General Meeting


▼Constitution | General : Rules 1 ~ 4


1.       That the Club shall be called ‘Presentation Rugby Football Club’.

1. b    The objectives of the Club are the playing and furtherance of Rugby Union Football, All other games, pastimes, or athletic activities, whether indoors or outdoors, lawfully permitted by the Club Committee, in or on the club’s property, shall be functions of Presentation Rugby Football Club’s Social Section, and shall be incidental, subservient in all respects to Rugby Football and its best interests in the Club.

2.       That the colours of the Club shall be black and white. Members shall play in complete Club colours.

3.       That the Club shall play its home games at its grounds at Rathuard, Limerick.

4.       That the Club is governed by the laws of the IRFU and the Munster Branch.

4. a    That the Club shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, creed or colour.

4. b.   Any member or person playing or training with the Club, as a guest of the Committee, shall be deemed a member of the Club for this specific period.

          Waiver of legal rights: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 34(1) of the Civil Liability Act 1961, Members waive their legal right to claim against a fellow Member, Committee Member or Trustee, compensation for personal injury, loss or damage, however caused.

4. c.    Data Protection: Pursuant to the provision of the Data Protection Act 1988-2003, Members shall consent to the Club obtaining, recording, holding and retaining their personal data (including sensitive personal data), solely for Club purposes, either on its computer, or its manual filing system, and consent to the use of all such data, including disclosure to third parties, for the proper and effective management of the Club.

▼Constitution | Committee : Rules 5 ~ 9


5.       That the officers of the Club shall consist of President, Hon. Treasurer, and Hon. Secretary, who shall be elected at the General Meeting.

6.       That the outgoing President shall be ex-officio member of the Committee for the following season.

7.       That the Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club as defined in Rule 5 plus six other members of the Club who are also elected at the General Meeting, together with the outgoing officers as defined in Rule 6. Absence from three consecutive meetings of the Club, without reasonable excuse, will debar a member from the Committee or any sub-Committee, etc., for the remainder of the season

8.       That the Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may arise in their own number by co-opting the member, who secured the next highest number of votes at the last General Meeting, provided such a member is prepared to act. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as they may deem necessary for the better administration of the Club. Any member elected to the Committee at the General Meeting and fails to take office shall be barred from taking office for 3 years.

9.       That the Committee shall meet once a week at the Club during the Football season and at such other times as occasion may require. Five to form a quorum.

▼Constitution | Terms of reference : Rule 10


10.     That the business and affairs of the Club, except the making of rules, shall be transacted by the Committee.

10.a    That the financial accounts shall be prepared at the end of each financial year in accordance with the financial year of the Munster Branch, i.e. from 1st May to 30th April. That the financial accounts be independently audited by Professional Auditors for presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

10. b   That the Committee be empowered to borrow or raise money or monies worth or any sums of money with or without security for any purpose which it considers necessary to further the objects of the Club and to secure the repayment of same on behalf of the Club by mortgage, charge, guarantee, negotiable instrument or otherwise whether over the property of the Club.

10. c   That all documents pertaining to Club business shall be held by the Officers and transferred to the incoming Officers upon a changeover at the Annual General Meeting.

▼Constitution | Membership : Rules 11 ~ 15


11.     That anyone wishing to join the Club must be proposed and seconded by members and will be voted upon by the Committee. One dissent in five to exclude. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for membership and shall not be required to furnish any reason for such a refusal.

12.     That the annual subscription of non-playing, playing, monthly and school members shall be set by the Committee. Life members are automatically members.

12. a   Membership Categories are as follows:
L        Life Members
M       Monthly Members
O       Ordinary Members
A        Associate Members
U        Under- Age Members (on reaching 18th Birthday changing to Ordinary Member)

13.     That the annual subscription shall be payable in advance on 1st September each year.  A member whose subscription is in arrears on 1st February in the current season shall cease to be a member of the Club unless he/she can account for the omission to the satisfaction of the Committee. A member who subscription is in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned their membership and shall not be eligible to vote at the General Meeting at the end of that season.

13. a   New members and members who are renewing their lapsed membership shall not be eligible to be nominated for any committee position or officer position until the year following their successful application for membership. They shall not be eligible to vote at AGM or EGM within the probationary year.

13. b   Members shall furnish the Hon Secretary with address and contact details. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the details are correct and up to date.

13. c   Applications for match tickets will be accepted only from members.

14.     Any member whose conduct is such that, in the opinion of the Committee, is injurious to the character of the Club and its Code of Conduct and the interests of the existing members, can be called for an explanation of such conduct. The Committee shall enquire into the member’s conduct and put the matter to the appeals committee where the member shall be given full opportunity to explain his/her conduct.

14. a   Each season, an appeals committee shall be set up and all disciplinary matters shall be referred to this committee. This committee shall have the responsibility to investigate and where appropriate to hear any allegation of an infringement by a player, supporter, member or committee member of the Laws of the Union, the Regulations relating to the game, the Laws of the game or any alleged conduct by any of the foregoing, alleged to be detrimental to the best interests of the club or of the game, and, depending on the outcome of the hearing, to expel or suspend from the Club or otherwise to punish by such sanction or otherwise as it deems appropriate.

14. b   That the Appeals Committee shall consist of three members of the House Committee plus a nominated recording secretary.

14. c   Any player or member affected by a decision of a disciplinary or other committee may appeal the decision to the house Committee within 7 days of notification of the decision to sanction. The decision of the committee of appear thereon shall be final and there shall be no obligation to explain such a decision.

14. d   Any member affected by a decision of the disciplinary committee shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription and shall remain liable for subscription for the membership year during which he was sanctioned.

15.     Any member wishing to play for another Club must first get the sanction of the Committee.

▼Constitution | S.G.M : Rule 16



16.     That a Special General Meeting may be called at any time at the request of the Committee or the signed requisition of no less than 15 members of the Club, specifying the reason or reasons for calling such a Special General Meeting accompanied by a non-returnable fee of €200. This requisition shall be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary of the Club and the Special General Meeting shall be held within four weeks of receipt by the Hon. Secretary of the requisition. Fourteen days notice must be given to all members regarding the business to be brought forward at the Special General Meeting and no business other than that stated on the agenda to be transacted at the Special General Meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 30.

▼Constitution | A.G.M : Rules 17 ~ 22


17.     That no alteration of the Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting summoned for the purpose in accordance with Rule 16.

17. a   Only members who have a valid membership card may vote at the AGMs and SGMs of the Club.

17.b    That the Annual General Meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary, who shall give notice to members through an advertisement in the press of the hour date and place thereof, and of the reason for convening the General meeting, not less than fourteen days before the proposed date of the General Meeting.

18.     That Notice of Motion for the General Meeting must be handed to the Hon. Secretary of the Club not later than fourteen days prior to the General Meeting.

18. a   Voting at General Meetings shall (save and except at contested elections of officers or members to serve on Committee) be by show of hands or otherwise as the Club Officers may direct.

19.     That qualifying proxy votes be registered with the Hon. Secretary before the meeting commences. No qualifying member shall hold more than 2 proxy votes at any General Meeting. All must be paid up members as per Rule 13.

20.     That the Rules are printed and a copy supplied to each member, by the Hon. Secretary, when requested by a new member on his/her election to the Club, and that the members are bound thereby.

21.     That no Rule shall be altered or rescinded without the consent of at least two-thirds of the members voting at a General Meeting.

22.     That all motions by way of addition, rescission or alteration or by way of substitution shall become immediately operative, when passed by the General Meeting.

▼Constitution | Trustees : Rule 23


23.     That the property of the Club shall be vested in the names of the Trustees – Jerry Flannery, Des Clancy, Gary Lawlor and Gerry Mulconry.

          The trustees shall deal with the property of the Club as directed by resolution of the Committee, of which an entry in the minute book, signed by the President, shall be conclusive evidence and they shall be indemnified against all liability and expense incurred by them by reason of their position as trustees in so far as the assets of the Club may be deficient, by the members for the time being of the Club. To be appointed trustee, a person must be a member, be nominated by the Committee and elected by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the annual general meeting. The trustees shall hold office until death or resignation and shall be ex-officio permanent members of the Committee.

▼Constitution | Dated: PDF Document

Club Constitution with revisions adopted at the 2010 AGM on 28th May 2010.

Please click link Club Constitution for three page PDF (Portable Document Format) version

Pat O’Shea ( Hon. President 2010) thanked Imelda O'Grady Tony O' Grady and David O'Shea for redrafting Club's Constitution . It was adopted at Presentation RFC AGM on 28th May 2010 at Mauldron Hotel, Roxboro, Limerick and is now part of the club's policy.

copy of the aforementioned with the following;

Irish Rugby Football Union

Munster Branch

Club Solicitor's